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14 August 2020 @ 07:47 pm

kinda back!! open to new friends <3

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01 March 2015 @ 01:25 pm
08 October 2012 @ 04:17 pm
(part 2/2) I miss the food from home SO much. I don't think I appreciated my mom's cooking the past two years a lot. Last year, I ate out so much... the year before that, I was obsessed with beginning of college. This year, I'm over both and want nothing but some vertebrae soup and duck and all the other wonderful, high-fiber and healthy foods my mom cooks!!! :( here are some from over the summer:

I first had Beijing Duck in beijing a couple summers ago. I might've had it earlier, whatever. Anyway it is SO MUCH FUN I LOVE IT!!! My family started eating it at home since we found this place that makes roasted duck and is really good at it! The duck usually costs $20 and we buy the other ingredients to make our own wrap.
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And this one day I made my parents come with me to this INdian buffet that i really loved (went there with Julia a couple years ago). Dad didn't like it, he likes to "get his money's worth" of food and thinks Indian restaurants are a huge rip-off with all their veggies and lack of meat. So he eats as much goat as he can to make up for the "rip-off". LOL

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Took more photos of my room and eye that I meant to share as well but forgot about all these pics so I thought I'd share 'em first as they're from months ago...

PS: Lol you can probs tell i was experimenting with a good watermark style...
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NEXT: photos.
this is how it'll go
misc > food > cute things > nail polish (including a review of 2 competing brands of instant nail polish remover)

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OMG I just know I am going to regret staying up for 2+ hours just to write this because I have to be up tmrw at 8 fml

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they got here!!!! wow I guess posting this caused them to come :P
I'm not putting them on now because I just took off my other colors and I don't want my nails to be brittle or ugly :( Gotta give 'em a couple days to breathe.

I don't know how I feel about this program. One the one hand, THEY KEEP HAVING BEAUTIFUL COLORS THAT I CRAVE. on the other hand, the consistency of the polish texture isn't that great, and I'm not even a fan of their normal brush (unlike Rimmel London's more flat brush). I still think OPI and Rimmel London are better polishes, and OPI is cheaper than Julep by... A LOT. Julep costs $14 for a mere 8mL ($1.75/mL), whereas Rimmel London's polishes are under $5 at most stores for 13.3 mL ($0.37/mL) and OPI polishes contain 15mL for just under $10 ($0.67/mL). WOW ok after making that comparison I definitely want to cancel my Julep Maven program... Wait let me work out Julep Maven's program: three nail polishes for $20... that leads to each polish being $6.67, or $0.83/mL. Still more expensive than OPI and Rimmel. The ONLY advantage it has against those companies, arguably, is the colors they have (and lack of "bad chemicals", but I feel like Essie, Rimmel, and OPI have that too?). And yet... Essie has colors in every shade. Let's compare Essie vs. Julep prices: Essie is 13.5 mL for $8, or $0.59/mL... WOW and tbh Essie has all the shades I want (well they have almost every color EVER), I think I've just figured out I need to cancel my Maven subscription ASAP. as soon as I can get a hold of someone, GRRRRRR so annoying. If for nothing else, I hate them for having shitty customer service. I am sorry, but you cannot succeed as a company if you have bad customer service and very expensive prices.
MEANWHILE here are some of the beautiful polishes, after all that math and ranting...:

Mila, Kate, America, and Daphne
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OK AND I got a free polish voucher code with the box!! I have just used it for Susie (after much deliberation... was also considering getting Oscar and Hayden as the closest runner ups). UNFORTUNATELY their receipt didn't mention the voucher AT ALL, and I'm worried I'm going to be charged for this polish despite it supposing to be free... (I've heard bad things about Julep double-charging people's credit cards and other problems.) I've called Julep Maven headquarters. This is how that went: "Press 1 for orders... Pres-" Pressed 1. "We value your blah blah. Please hold." On hold for ~10 minutes. Finally a woman's voice speaks! It was an automated message, telling me to leave a message for them. WTF man. They better respond to me. Or just have not charged me. I'm keeping my eye on my credit card statement!

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